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The most important thing in creative reading is to find the right books

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Planning to write your own book?

Good reading will encourage good writing, and no one says you cannot write except maybe you.

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You will find your creative juices stimulated when you read with a purpose.

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I've lived in Arizona many years and love its wide open spaces and spirit of entrepreneurship. I am a graduate of the University of Chicago (Ph.D.) and use the essential skill I learned there: How to think toward an end.

Here at Creative Reading I understand that a creative reader needs a creative writer. That's my goal, so you can find entertainment and stimulation for your imagination and life. Rest assured that the books you find here bring together good thinking and a reader's enjoyment and stimulation. I want to make that dream a reality for you.

I've spent well over 30 years of reading and writing. You know that nothing comes easily, and that certainly applies to writing. Some authors can write ready copy at the first try, but they are few in number. My writing goes through draft after draft, until I feel that it is ready to be read by a person committed to Creative Reading. 

I'm proud that so many of my readers feel their own creative juices flowing while reading my works. The books stimulate new thoughts and interests and offer different ways of seeing the world and its peoples. That's how write for you, the Creative Reader. And Rex helps.


Maybe you have never thought about creative reading.


You can easily decide if a book will stimulate you and offer insights into life, or if it's simply occupying dead space in your life. Having this goal in your mind is halfway to the goal. Commit yourself to creative reading, starting now.

I'm dedicated to being happy in my reading and writing. That's my goal for you. 

Would you like a worry free future?

Wouldn't we all? Finally at least you can read creatively with my books. They won'd let you down, I guarantee. Creative Reading is dedicated to helping you achieve some of your future hopes and dreams in the realm of good literature.

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