rubbing god's ear with his promises

A Year's Prayers

Praying rubs God's ear with his promises because they are the basis of Christian faith and spirituality. 

This book contains a year's supply of 373 new prayers. Its pages echo classic themes of faith  and devotion, and several hundred photographs encourage reflection. These first person prayers carry on conversations and make intercession, although you will also hear questions and complaints. You will easily make the prayers yours.

Accidental idols. Avoiding gimme requests. Candle of faith. Crown without cross. Dust is my destiny. Faith as a hobby. God collects tears. Kiss a joy and say goodbye. Living as saint and sinner. Not rehashing yesterday today. Part of me is dying. Solo holiness. Trust ee for God. What is the heart's god?

The prayer touch on these and many other current topics. Take a creative read now!


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